Hans-Jürgen Reich

Lohnbetrieb der Schmuckindustrie

CAD Construction

By means of exact weight calculations and a precise cutting with the CAD 3D constructions, we have the possibility to manufacture various configurations of jewels. CAD 3D Constructions range from organic to high complex shapes and can present your jewelry from every perspective as a realistic representation at any time on the computer. The simulation of gemstones or even a vast range of precious metals and other material is possible when creating a presentation of the jewelry as CAD Construction. So please do not hesitate to ask for fantasy forms or cuts, almost everything can be realized with a CAD construction.

However, should you have any modification requests, then these can be realized by means of CAD technique. The advantage of a CAD construction is obvious, you get a precisely manufactured jewelry out of a cast without unsightly joints. While preparing the CAD Construction we can determine the weight of your jewelry through exact calculations as proportions can be observed and adapted steadily. In this way it is guaranteed that the item fits to your wishes because you can supervise every step on-site.

The company Hans-Jürgen Reich of the jewelry industry in Pforzheim offers everything from a single source. From the construction with CAD, casting and goldsmith´s work like trimming, soldering and deburring or grinding, setting of stones, laser works, final surface treatments like polishing, matting, sandblasting or galvanic finishing like gold, silver , ruthenium or rhodium- plating up to repairs, our service covers everything about the topic jewelry. With the CAD construction we create a 3D model of your jewel hence can generate a detailed view for you. By means of the CAD model we manufacture your jewelry. With the CAD Model of your jewel a casting model will be manufactured to cast in series production. Afterwards the casting parts will be refined. We deburr, grind, trim and solder your jewelry, set stones and shapes of any kind, conduct laser works and final surface treatment like polishing and matting. We do galvanic refinement like gold, silver, ruthenium or rhodium plating as well as repairs. As a pure service provider we offer everything from a single source.